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Hair Stylist

Mélange Institute offers a wide range of advanced hair styling courses. We guide through well explained lessons for beginners and advanced learners by our hair stylist. Our academy provides prime hair styling training. Hence, including the latest technology to teach various styles, cutting techniques, and coloring methods in our hair styling classes. Our professional hair styling course and diploma in hair styling courses cater to diverse choices, whether you’re interested in a men’s hairstyle course or a women’s hair styling class. Moreover, upon completing the hair stylist program, you will receive a hair styling certificate.

Hair Care

Effective hair care enhances natural beauty and uplift one’s personality. A well chosen hairstyle complements your attire and adds to your overall appeal. Explore our advanced hairstyle techniques to achieve stunning looks.

Hair Stylist Courses

Men Hairstyling Course:

In respect to the importance of men’s grooming, we offer specialized men’s hairstyle training. Our detailed men’s advanced hair styling lessons cover a range of popular choices, such as

  • Buzz cut
  • Crew cut
  • A pomp
  • Man buna
  • A bowl cut
  • A taper

Women Hairstyling Course:

We provide dedicated women’s hairstyle training classes for women who understand the importance of hair in their appearance. Our expert instructors guide you through a variety of techniques, such as:

  • Bob Cut
  • Layered Cut
  • Pixie Cut
  • Beach Waves
  • French Twist
  • Braided Styles
  • Long and Straight
  • Curly Locks
  • Boho Chic

Mélange Hair Stylist Salon

Experience our salon’s services, where we inact the latest fashion tools for hairdressing. Our Mélange Salon serves clients. It is a practical platform for students to master using hair irons, dryers, brushes, and rollers. Hair plays an vital role in defining one’s personality, so entrust it to the skillful hair stylist.

Hair Treatments

Address common hair issues with our specialized treatments. Our salon offers a range of solutions for damaged hair, dryness, dandruff, and hair fall, including

  • Scalp treatments
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Hair detox treatments
  • Moisture treatments
  • Relax treatments
  • Keratin treatments


In conclusion, if you aspire to master the art of hairstyling, visit our training center for class hairstyle training. Our courses bounds a range of techniques, providing you with the skills necessary to excel in hair styling.

  • 6 Months
  • 384 Hours
  • 25 Seats
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Hair Stylist